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  • 2017 hollow board business how to adjust the strategic layout?

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    Yesterday, two customers asked me now business is good to do? I did not know how to answer? I think there is no good business, the key is to have no intention to do it. It's not easy to do a simple thing. In Dongguan there are a lot of home hollow board manufacturers and distributors. How can one of the many peers stand out as a leader?

    Now we all together to analyze the next, regardless of that industry that kind of product, it will always have his needs, have his market. Pp hollow board is a new type of packaging materials, its wide application, covering a wide range of industries. And Guangdong in China is one of the provinces developed industrial, many factories, logistics and other aspects of hollow plastic products have a demand for plastic products. Seize the market, analyze the customer crowd, do the following several aspects of the camp.


    1、quality assurance:

    As we all know, product quality is the fundamental enterprise development, only a good product quality in order to enhance customer trust.


    2、Merchants joined:

    Recruit cooperation agents, expand the market, sustainable development and production. According to the product market positioning, product features, channel characteristics, to determine their own franchisee target group. Enterprises should pay attention to long-term development, require franchisees to operate the market operating capacity and common development.


    3、brand marketing:

    Brand marketing strategy in short is the brand output as the core of the marketing strategy, including the concept of brand spirit of the planning, brand visual image system planning, brand space image system planning, brand service concept and program of action planning, brand communication strategy and Brand access strategy planning, public relations and event marketing strategies. So as to achieve by the business staff to take the initiative to tap customers to a large number of customers take the initiative to come to this, a change process.

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