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  • Hollow board turnover box, how should we properly use and maintenance?

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    Logistics industry in China is a new industry, and turnover box sharing system is to support the healthy development of the logistics industry and has not yet born a new service industry, it is to reduce logistics costs, the development of foreign trade, economic conservation and conservation of the ecological environment is very important Therefore, it is imperative that China should carry out project research, as soon as possible to amend China's turnover box standards and quality standards, the establishment of scientific decision-making mechanism, play the role of trade associations, improve the communication channels to carry out pilot work and other measures to promote the turnover box sharing The smooth establishment of the system and healthy development. How to shorten this gap, reduce the total cost of logistics in China, improve the efficiency of logistics operation, promote the standardization of the turnover box and social application is an important part can not be ignored. Turnover box application level is an important symbol of the development of modern logistics turnover boxing operations is to quickly improve the handling efficiency, control flow management process an effective means.

    Hollow board packing box cleaning, how should we operate? The problem is that we use the hollow board when packing, will certainly encounter problems, it must be resolved, we can successfully use the hollow box. Here, we look at the specific content.

    The cleaning of the hollow board is carried out mainly in the general production area, clean room and clean room, and when cleaning the hollow box, the cleaning container, latex gloves, wipes and brushes are used. Is from inside to outside, from top to bottom, as well as the first corner after the plane.

    Hollow board turnover box related knowledge

    Non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light weight, durable, hollow box turnover box

    Stack, the appearance of gorgeous, rich colors, pure and so on.


    With the anti-folding, anti-aging, bearing strength, stretching, compression, tear, high temperature, rich colors, made of box-type turnover box can be used for turnover and can be used for finished product packaging, lightweight, durable, stackable The Can be customized according to user needs a variety of specifications, size, aluminum package edge, can be stamped, dustproof, beautiful appearance.

    Hollow board turnover box according to the size of the design provided by the customer, so that the most reasonable load, and multi-box overlap, the effective use of plant space, increase parts storage, saving production costs.


    Anti-static turnover box, fruit turnover box, anti-static turnover me, conductive turnover box, fire-resistant turnover me, parts turnover me, the instrument turnover me, beverage turnover me, pesticide turnover me, precision instruments, packaging, Postal crates, electronic components packaging pad, partitions and so on.


    First, the hollow board turnover box can be designed according to the size of the customer design and production, and multi-box overlap, if used in the plant, you can effectively use the plant space, increase the amount of spare parts storage, so as to save production costs.

    Second, the hollow board turnover box strong and durable, strong impact resistance

    Third, the hollow board turnover box dust, moisture

    Fourth, because the hollow board is an environmentally friendly material, with it made out of the hollow board turnover box can be recycled.

    In addition to the use of turnover box, the hollow board can also be used for advertising decoration, greenhouse ceiling, car backplane and so on.

    Hollow turnover box cleaning and disinfection methods

    (1) Put the turnover box to be cleaned into the cleaning room of the utensil, and then dipped the cloth into the cleaning agent, clean the handle of the hollow box, the edges and the bottom, etc., to be clean, no stains.

    (2) the cloth soaked in detergent, according to the inside out, from the top down the order, clean the hollow part of the flat box, to clean, no stains.

    (3) Wash the hollow box with water three times, the turnover box immersed in water, probably immersed about 3 cm, and then wipe with a rag, and finally placed in a clean room, natural dry.

    (4) is generally used to disinfect the wipe, the use of disinfectant.

    (5) hollow plate after the end of sterilization, placed in a clean room, natural drying, and to fill in the date and date of cleaning and disinfection.

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