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    Dongguan Peng Feng Plastic Products Co., Ltd

    Dongguan Peng Feng Plastic Products Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of R & D and sales of various categories: (Guangdong hollow board manufacturers) hollow board, anti-static hollow box, hollow board knife card, hollow board box, hollow board special box, plastic Pallets, plastic pallets (pallets), plastic boxes, plastic baskets, plastic baskets, anti-static turnover me, EU cars for boxes, folding boxes of plastic products, and other products. Widely used in automotive parts, medical, electronic assembly, electrical appliances, toys, footwear, leather shoes, textile industry, metal stamping, die casting, clothing, warehousing, logistics, transportation, sanitation and other packaging and transportation and storage industry.

    Peng Feng since the start of the company to a high degree of quality products to meet the needs of the market, so that every detail so that customers peace of mind, satisfaction, rest assured. The company's products superb technology, high quality, beautiful appearance, reasonable prices, so that products sell well all over the world, so that every product can penetrate into every corner of life. With the scale of production and operation continue to expand, adhere to the "pool the essence of enterprises, to create a perfect brand" concept, in the design and production of product development, the constant pursuit of creating plastic boutique. To the leading technology, quality-oriented, strengthen management, quality first, the credibility of the first, service first, for the business philosophy, beyond the ordinary, to achieve our pursuit of goals, so that our products in the plastic products industry ahead.

    We adhering to the "pursuit of excellence in innovation management" to do the customer's friends, depending on the life-dependent community, the credibility of self-sincere. Has been the majority of customers over the years support and consistent praise. We do customers practical, the market needs, do the industry model. Peng Feng's development needs your support, can not do without your support, but also hope that your support. Welcome to inquire or come to negotiate! 


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