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  • Position: network sales

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. The use of the network for the company's product sales and promotion;

    2. Responsible for understanding and collecting dynamic information on competing products on the network;

    3. Use chat software, through the network and customers to communicate effectively, looking for sales plans and complete sales performance;

    4. Maintain the old customers business, mining customers the greatest potential;

    5. Regular communication with customers to establish a good long-term relationship;

    6. Through the network for channel development and business development;

    job requirements:

    1. 19-26 years old, cheerful and cheerful, have a strong communication skills, good quality and character;

    2. Secondary school and above, can accept outstanding graduates;

    3. like to engage in network sales work;

    4. have relevant work experience is preferred;

    5. Familiar with the Internet, skilled use of network tools;

    6. Have a strong ability to learn and communicate.

    Salary benefits:

    1, the remuneration: no responsibility for the basic salary of 2800 + high commission + bonus + double + personal performance cumulative reward (refer to wages of eight thousand to twenty thousand);

    2, the staff is positive, the company unified for its purchase of social security;

    3, leave: to do five off two, eight hours a day work system, weekend weekend, according to the law to enjoy all the statutory holidays on the normal paid leave;

    4, training: the company free pre-job training;

    5, the company from time to time to provide on-the-job growth of the training, team activities, team travel and development activities, birthday benefits;

    6. Paid annual leave for 15 days.

    Position: Business clerk

    Job Responsibilities:

    1, responsible for the company sold products inquiry, parity, signed a procurement contract and after-sales feedback summary work;

    2, responsible for the company's business order contract processing. Sales to help deal with customer needs, including inquiry, quotation, cost analysis and so on;

    3, responsible for printing company delivery orders, daily delivery arrangements and coordination priorities;

    4, responsible for warehousing goods out of statistics, goods express sign and delivery; emergency pieces in a timely manner with the reminders;

    5, responsible for finishing, check, make monthly statements of customers;

    6, the monthly supplier of product information collection, summary, analysis, production quotations and other work;

    7, improve the company procurement system, develop and optimize the procurement process, control the quality and cost of procurement;

    8, the organization of suppliers to assess, certification, management and assessment;

    9, with the company sales and technical staff of the work;

    10, in time to complete the leadership of other tasks;

    job requirements:

    1, to understand the computer industry-related product knowledge, with a computer culture foundation;

    2, skilled use of computer office software, good at Excel, Word and other operations, a certain document processing capacity;

    3, work carefully meticulous, proactive, responsive, strong sense of responsibility. Have a good working attitude;

    4, with strong language communication skills, learning ability, and cross - sectoral organization and coordination;

    5, cheerful personality, with affinity. Hard work, and can withstand some work pressure;

    6, secondary school or higher, 28 years of age. Relevant work experience is preferred;

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