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Choose Peng Feng plastic hollow board reasons?
  • Quality light material
    Light weight, save material
    Plastic hollow board consumption few material, low cost, light weight.
  • Environmental protection and energy conservation
    Support the cause of green, for the benefit of future generations. Environmental protection, non-toxic, recyclable, repeat production.
  • 良好的力学性能
    Moisture, corrosion resistance
    Plastic hollow board can be waterproof, moisture, corrosion, pest control and cardboard, wood compared to a clear advantage. And the surface is smooth, easy to print.
  • Compressive shock
    Plastic hollow board of the special structure, it has a good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, shock shock, very high hardness, good bending performance and excellent mechanical properties.
  • Anti - static conductive 
flame retardant
    Anti - static conductive flame retardant
    The use of modified, mixed, surface spray and other methods can make plastic hollow board with anti-static, conductive, or flame retardant performance. Anti-static sheet surface resistivity can be controlled between 103 ~ 1011.
  • The color is complete
    Through the masterbatch color can reach any color, the appearance of smooth and beautiful, complete color, easy to print.
  • 良好的力学性能
    Fire protection
    Add flame retardant, can play to prevent the performance of burning flames, remove the fire hazard.
  • Insulation, sound insulation
    As the plastic hollow board hollow structure, so that heat transfer, sound effect was significantly lower than the solid plate, with good insulation, sound insulation effection.
  • Good mechanical 
    Good mechanical property.
    Plastic hollow board owns special structure, so that it has good toughness, impact resistance, good bending performance etc. excellent mechanical properties.
  • Shock proof
    Plastic hollow board of the special structure, it has a good toughness, impact resistance, good bending performance and other excellent performance.
  • 良好的力学性能
     Chemical stability
    Due to the special molding process of plastic hollow board, it has the characteristics of smooth surface and easy printing.
  • Corona treatment
    Corona treatment can change the surface of the hydrophilic plastic film, and strengthen the adhesion of the water surface information, easy to print, coating.
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