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    The main purpose of hollow box:

    Hollow board, the main instead of corrugated board, wood, metal plates and other ideal environmentally friendly materials;

    Containers, containers, containers, containers, containers, containers, containers Objects outside the packaging protection, pad, shelves, partitions, floor, cross-board, etc .; electronic industry packaging. Conductive packaging products are mainly used in the packaging of electronic components, the purpose is to avoid other charged objects with their contact, resulting in parts due to charge friction spark damage. There are also conductive, anti-static plastic plate, turnover box, etc .;

    Advertising decoration: display cards, merchandise signs, billboards, light boxes, window modeling;

    Home use: temporary partition of the house, wall guard, ceiling board, container cover, etc .;

    Other, for washing machines, cars, water heaters, baby carriages and other backplane, packaging and storage transport pads and so on.

    PP plastic hollow board is a new type of packaging materials, the use of PP pull pellet production after high temperature extrusion molding. Anti-corrosion, high strength, high performance; surface can be printed or paste Fumo; according to the demand for the production of different colors; by adding a flame retardant Agent, produced by the hollow board in the flame retardant effect can be achieved from the fire that is off.

    PP plastic hollow board Application:

    Industrial boards, including wire and cable overcoat packaging protection, glass, steel, all kinds of goods outside the packaging protection, including the use of wire and cable, Protection board, cardboard, three plywood to protect the construction of the era of building materials gone, with the progress of the times and enhance the taste, to ensure that the decoration design in the completion of the decoration, the board, The integrity of the operation before the opening, should be given appropriate protection in order to maintain the operation of the economy, safety and convenience, and another building elevator, floor protection before the protection.

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