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  • Three common causes of breakage of the hollow board turnover box

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    Talking about the cause of the hollow board turnover box damage, I think it is necessary to mention my last article "how to make hollow board products longer life" mentioned in the six methods, only the correct use to make hollow board turnover Box better for their own services, of course, the most lack of life is the accident, today, said a common cause hollow box turnover box damage for three reasons.


    First, the low temperature plastic hollow box turnover box brittle: now is the winter, the country are in the cooling, the Northeast has even under the snow, and low temperature will make plastic hollow board products become more brittle, so we are When using the hollow board turnover box, please pay attention to gently.

    Second, the transfer process of the fierce collision: the role of turnover box we all know, and in the process of handling to try to avoid bumps, so as not to cause damage to the hollow board turnover box.

    Three: the use of time is too long and natural aging: any hollow board products have a certain life, more than after the use of natural inevitable damage.

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