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    Hollow board turnover box is the use of copolymer polypropylene as the main raw material injection molding of a plastic hollow board. And other polypropylene plastic hollow board, hollow board turnover box is a bright and beautiful color, high strength, light weight, long life, pest control, moisture, mildew, non-toxic, clean, raw, easy to clean and easy handling Of larger containers. The structure of the turnover box is divided into two types: fixed-type turnover box is a large injection machine (injection capacity of 1000cm3 above) a single injection molding; folding turnover box is a number of parts assembled molding, each Parts in different specifications of the injection machine were injection molding, and then assembled together.

    Use of turnover box:

    Mainly used for a variety of food, beverages, agricultural products, industrial parts, chemical products and pharmaceutical turnover, transport with the delivery box to facilitate the packing of various items, storage, handling and storage.

    Hollow board, PP hollow material directly affect the quality of hollow board, so we hollow board, PP hollow board materials have the following requirements:

    ① raw material itself is poor hygroscopicity, generally do not need to dry, but when the raw material moisture content of more than 0.1%, must be dry. That is, 70 ~ 80. C hot air circulation in the dry 2 ~ 3h. Hollow board for the amorphous plastic, viscosity suitable, mobility, thermal stability are good, easy injection. The relative molecular mass of the hollow plate used for injection is about 70,000 to 200,000, and the molding temperature range is wide. The fluctuation of the temperature in the viscous flow state does not affect the injection process.

    ② raw materials, coloring method, with the floating method or by adding masterbatch, according to the proportion of adding pellets, mixing evenly. Such as the use of plunger injection machine, in order to avoid color, should be mixed with the first color of the material after extrusion granulation and then injection production.

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