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  • The importance of plastic hollow board in the packaging industry

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    Advantages of plastic hollow board:

    1、 good mechanical properties

    Plastic hollow board of the special structure, it has a good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, shock shock, very high hardness, good bending performance and excellent mechanical properties.

    2、 light quality material

    Plastic hollow board mechanical performance is excellent, year on year to achieve the same effect, the use of plastic hollow board supplies less, low cost, light weight.

    3、insulation, sound insulation

    As the plastic hollow hollow structure, so that heat transfer, sound effect was significantly lower than the solid plate, with good insulation, sound insulation effect.

    Plastic hollow board packaging more and more people accepted, which also led to the hollow board needs to adapt to various industries, a variety of different product packaging needs, we hollow board manufacturers must continue to develop new hollow board turnover box , Hollow board display stand, lid, label, wall stickers and other different styles of products to meet market demand.



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