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    From the domestic and international market development trend, due to plastic bottles, plastic barrels, auto parts and industrial blow molding and many other blow molding products, large-scale production needs, all kinds of small medium and large high-speed, stable, energy saving, auxiliary equipment perfect Specialized, fully automated production line will be the next few years the development of hollow blow molding industry mainstream.


    1、large, large hollow plate forming unit, production line

    The rapid development of industries such as logistics, food, fertilizer, petrochemical, daily chemical, railway transportation and warehousing, pharmaceutical and feed, beer and beverage will surely drive the rapid development of tray manufacturing, especially blow molding. In recent years, although the injection molding tray industry has developed by leaps and bounds, due to the inherent limitations of plastic raw materials and molding mechanism of injection molding tray, the service life is short and easy to use under the condition of large ambient temperature difference and high strength and frequent use Block broken. The high-strength blow molding tray with high impact strength, durable and other advantages, was listed as the preferred plastic tray, the market demand for annual growth rate of about 20%, while the domestic high-strength blow molding tray of the annual production capacity of 100 Million or less, far from meeting the needs of the market. Most of the current large-scale hollow board machine to the general model, both for the production of 1000LIBC plastic barrels for the production of blow molding pallets, equipment capacity can not give full play. To this end, to increase efforts to develop professional production of blow molding tray of large, large hollow plate forming units, high-speed production line is the industry's main direction of some of the main business.

    China has a number of hollow board molding machine manufacturing enterprises can manufacture 1000LIBC plastic drum production equipment, but more to general-based equipment. The current domestic 1000L hollow board molding machine using plastic parison wall thickness control device less, resulting in the product at the corners of the uneven wall thickness control, raw material consumption increased, affecting the performance of molding equipment, it is worth to cause large domestic hollow Molding machine manufacturing enterprises attach great importance.

    Other large hollow plate forming machine. China is a country with a variety of climatic and environmental conditions, a variety of different requirements of the use of storage tanks, storage tanks have a larger market demand, so the development of more products to meet the needs of the market demand for large hollow plate molding machine is the direction of development one. In recent years, some large-scale blow molding products manufacturers joint equipment manufacturers research and development of special storage tanks, storage tank production equipment, its product volume has reached 2000L. Such as Weifang City Huayu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. design, manufacture of large storage tank production equipment has been more mature.

    2、multi-layer hollow plate forming unit, production line

        Automotive multi - storey plastic fuel tank production equipment. Qin Chuan development of research and development of the SCJ-500 × 6 multi-layer plastic fuel tank large hollow plate forming unit, in the replacement of imported equipment has made a larger plot. If the unit uses the domestic flexible curved ring radial control system for the plastic parison wall thickness control, will make the technical level of the device to a higher grade.

    Multi - layer three - dimensional hollow plate forming unit. The current domestic hollow board molding machine manufacturers already have multi-layer three-dimensional hollow plate forming unit design and manufacturing capabilities, but because the current domestic has not formed a huge market demand, so this technology research and development is relatively slow. The development and upgrading of the domestic car industry will boost the development of such units.

    Multi-layer daily chemical products packaging plastic barrels, plastic bottles hollow board molding machine production line design and manufacturing technology has been for a number of enterprises to master, such as Hong Kong Akei Group Guangdong Kaiping Plastic Machinery Factory, Suzhou with the big. It is expected that in the next few years, plastic barrels, plastic bottles, multi-layer hollow board molding machine production line will accelerate the pace of research and development, will pay special attention to mold matching, automatic to the flash, automatic labeling, automatic testing and automatic packaging and other aspects Research, for the blow molding products manufacturers to further reduce the production line operators to provide equipment and technical support.

    Multi - layer chemical plastic barrel hollow plate forming unit. Qinchuan development and design of the SCJ-230 × 2 double-layer large hollow plate forming unit is mainly used for the production of 200L series of double plastic drums in the country occupies a larger share. In order to meet the needs of large-scale blow molding products manufacturers at home and abroad, the domestic hollow board molding machine production enterprises will strengthen the double-layer, three-story and multi-layer large hollow board molding unit research and development work, high-speed production, high energy saving, Plastic raw materials, long-term stable operation will be one of the main R & D focus of such equipment.

    3、other special blow molding hollow plate forming unit

    Special blow molding function of the hollow board molding unit R & D requirements blow molding products manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to work closely together. It is expected that some special blow molding products such as automobile and motorcycle industry, such as the order of various plastic materials, will be able to obtain technical breakthroughs in the next few years and get the approval of the relevant blow molding products manufacturers.

    The same time as

    4、 electric hollow plate forming unit

        In recent years, electric hollow plate forming unit in the blow molding products in the clean production and energy saving has a greater advantage, its research and development progress faster. For some of the need for highly clean blow molding products production workshop, electric-type hollow board molding unit will be one of the preferred. The current large and medium-sized electric hollow plate forming unit is relatively rare. With the development of some large and medium-sized plastic drum clean production requirements, large and medium-sized electric-type hollow plate molding machine development will likely accelerate. The current general electric-type hollow plate molding machine is mainly used for some high-end blow molding products industry and the need for highly clean production industry, with the further reduction of equipment manufacturing costs will be possible to other blow molding products industry promotion.

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