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    Hollow board printing

    Hollow board printing Introduction

    As a packaging material, printed hollow board can be used in all walks of life. In order to satisfy the visual, brand image display for the purpose, in the advertising industry has applied very much. Hollow board printing can play the role of anti ultraviolet and waterproof, and has many advantages over the printed ads of paper products. In addition to the advertising industry, as well as industrial products, packaging week, packing, home decoration, the automotive industry, electrical equipment industry, construction industry, baby supplies and so on.

    Product description

    The hollow board advertisement board is used for small advertisements, display boards, signs, warning signs, safety labels, etc. the utility model has the characteristics of moisture resistance, wear resistance, recycling, etc..

    1., billboards can be customized according to the relevant requirements of different sizes and specifications, irregular shapes of billboards, with high flexibility.

    2. hollow board billboards are widely used in shopping malls, security signs, road signs, small signs, as well as a variety of security, instructions, warning signs.

    3. hollow board for advertising industry, printing and other content, according to customer requirements, silk screen or UV printing.

    4. hollow board billboard light weight, material, environmental protection, recyclable, with high practicability.

    The metal rack, 5. of its value and similar wooden display, compared with organic glass display, its role is equivalent or better, but the price of quantized hollow plate cost is far lower than similar tools.

    6., in the choice of similar display equipment, hollow board billboards smallest and lightest, removable folding

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